About the Responsible Factory Initiative

The Responsible Factory Initiative (RFI) is a member-based initiative designed to guide, support, and recognize individual factories that are implementing the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct at their facility. The RBA Code is a robust set of internationally recognized standards that positively impact workers, business, and the environment.

The scenarios in which RFI membership offers value are numerous.

For example, many factories are committed to meeting the RBA standards; they need additional tools, trainings, and support to help them achieve a level of performance that meets customer expectations. Factories in the second or third tier and beyond of the supply chain often require even deeper engagement with detailed guidance from qualified resources to reach the same level of performance.

When the RBA expanded membership eligibility, thousands of additional factories were introduced to the RBA Code. Despite support from their RBA member customers, many are still developing the capacity to consistently meet the RBA Code, and they need help.

Other factories that have been on the RBA journey for years, going beyond high audit scores to reach a sustained level of performance, are seeing a way to be recognized.

No matter where a factory is on the journey to implement the RBA Code, membership in the RFI offers the tailored support they need to improve their performance or be recognized for their leading performance.

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