• What is the Factory of Choice (FOC) Program?

    Factory of Choice is an award that is issued for going “above and beyond audits.” It is awarded to factories that demonstrate leadership and the successful implementation of the Code.

  • What are the levels of recognition?

    There is currently one level of recognition called the “One-Star” award.

  • What is required for the One-Star Award?

    One Star, is awarded to factories that completed the Validated Audit Process (VAP), achieved a minimum score of 160, closed all Priority findings (see VAP Recognition Program FAQs for more information), has an RBA-Certified Factory Lead and a functioning forum for workers to provide ongoing input to management regarding the workplace. The One-Star award can be assessed and awarded remotely.

  • Do factories have to apply for the award?

    Yes. Factories must apply and agree to be held to the requirements of the program and provide information on how the worker forum functions at the site.

  • What is the form of the award?

    Each recipient will receive a package from the RBA, which includes a letter from the Executive Director, a Digital copy of the award, and a plaque sent to the factory. The digital logo may be posted on your printed material or website as long as the usage guidelines are followed. See Usage Guidelines for more information, located on the member SharePoint site.


  • Can I announce the award to my customers?

    Yes. The award demonstrates a high-level commitment to the RBA Code of Conduct. The award can be shared with customers, investors, employees or any other interested party and posted to your website as long as the usage guidelines are followed.

  • What is the difference between the Factory of Choice and the VAP Audit Recognition Program?

    The VAP Recognition is a prerequisite to the Factory of Choice. The VAP Recognition demonstrates that a factory is committed to the RBA Code of Conduct, has completed an audit and closed all Priority findings through a Closure VAP. This must be completed before applying for the Factory of Choice Program.

  • Can Site Recognition be taken away?

    Yes. There are several reasons an award can be revoked. Proactive reasons include gross misconduct or any action that puts the lives of workers in danger. Reactive reasons include an expired VAP or a factory that decides to stop participating in the program. The RBA may grant a 6-month extension for extenuating circumstances determined by RBA Staff. All extensions and revocations will be documented and made available upon request.

  • How can I verify an RBA Factory of Choice Award?

    Each Factory of Choice Award is issued a unique ID and an expiration date. To verify the validity of an award, email FOC@ResponsibleBusiness.org

    For more information about the program, please contact FOC@ResponsibleBusiness.org

  • How much does it cost to get Factory of Choice Recognition?

    It’s free of charge, but there is a fee to complete the Factory of Choice training, which is a required to apply for the FoC recognition.

  • What is the timeline to complete the FoC certification?

    No specific timeline, the FoC recognition is good as long as the VAR and FL Certificate are valid (each has a two-year valid period). 

  • If our VAR or Factory Lead Certification expiration date is less than 6 months, can we apply the FoC?

    No, you should wait until you have a new VAR or FLC to use with your FoC applications.

  • What’s the period of validity of FoC Award?

    The FoC valid period ends whenever the VAR or the Factory Lead Certificate expires, whichever comes first. The FoC valid date will be listed on the FoC certificate that is provided when an FoC application is approved.

  • How do we prove the worker forum is functional?

    Worker Forum should include face to face meetings between management and workers in which workers can raise concerns regarding labor practices. A hotline or suggestion box alone is not considered a worker forum. Please refer to “WORKER FORUM CHECKLIST” which details expectations for a qualified worker forum.

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